How much does Byond cost?

There are flat monthly premiums for the Complete Bundle as well as an option without the prevention/assessment portion of the program.
Please contact your advisor or info@byondhealth.ca for a complete pricing list.

Does Byond include Travel Costs?

Yes. For members accessing the Private Medical Care Benefit and receiving medical treatment more than 320 km from home, receive up to $5,000 per year to pay for transportation to and from point of service and accommodations while receiving treatment. Benefit is paid on a reimbursement basis. Additional details available in the master policy.

Is there coverage for Private clinics in Canada?

Yes. Members can access private clinics or with private practitioners who have withdrawn from the provincial health plan within Canada. Note that benefits in Canada are not payable if they are covered under a government plan, or other health care plan or policy.

What are the age limits?

Minimum age to apply is 18 (except for dependent children).
Applicants must be under age 75.
There is no termination age, so long as the policy is renewed and insured is still eligible.

Do you require a health questionnaire in order to apply?

There are no health questions in order to qualify for Byond Membership.

Are pre-existing conditions covered?

The Private Medical Care benefit has restrictions related to pre-existing conditions. See master contract for more information. Coverage may differ for Groups, so contact your BYOND Advisor for more information.

There are no restrictions on the Prevention program (annual medical assessment) including the Wellness Bundle, the CT/MRI access and Teladoc Medical Experts portion of the Diagnostic program.

Who is the insurer and provider?

The main insurance policy is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s of London.
The Executive Travel coverage is underwritten by Orion Travel Insurance Company.

How does the Virtual Medical Care work?

When you are enrolled in Byond, and select a clinic, you will be invited to download the corresponding app and/or receive instructions to invite your eligible dependents.
Cleveland Clinic also offers a unique Virtual Care Tool called a Tyto Home Medical Exam Kit, which allows their nurses and Doctors to provide a more thorough exam for you and your family. The Tyto is available for an additional fee. Ask your Byond Advisor for more information.

Are there different levels of coverage available?

Yes. The Complete Executive Health package includes all the listed benefits. There is also an option to remove the Prevention Services (Annual Assessment and Wellness Bundle).

Byond Membership is available on Single, Couple and Family basis.

How do we initiate a claim for an Assessment?

You can initiate booking your Annual Assessment through the member portal. Once your request is submitted, the private the clinic of your choice will be notified, and reach out to help schedule your Assessment.

How do we access Teladoc Medical Experts Services including a request for MRI/CT scan?

Contacting Teladoc Medical Experts is easy.
Call Teladoc Medical Experts at 1-877-419-2378.
If you are requesting a CT/MRI please reference Best Doctors Canada Insurance.

How do we initiate a claim for Private Care benefit?

Claims require a pre-certification to allow the insurance company to confirm eligibility and to assist with next steps. Once you contact Best Doctors Insurance Canada, they will help coordinate direct billing and gather medical information from service providers so that members do not pay out of pocket or spend time trying to obtain medical records and information.

Is Byond a medical services company?

No, Byond is not a medical services company and does not provide medical services or advice. Byond is a product that is sold exclusively through the GroupBenefitz Platform Inc, and its network of advisors. Byond is a bundle of products, packaged together to provide members ease of access, enrolment and advantaged pricing.

Byond is an executive health brand with insurance services provided by licensed advisors.

If you opt for the family coverage do kids get an assessment?

No, children do not get an assessment but they will have access to all other elements of the Byond product.

How often can I access elements of the Byond Wellness Bundle?

Phzio – Can be accessed as frequently as needed and is available for up to 6 family members (including parents)

gutChek – Can be accessed every 24 months and for dependents over 6 years of age covered under the family plan

Pillcheck – can be accessed once per lifetime of membership with Byond. For family membership the minimum age is 14 and only 2 tests can be accessed per family.

RxFood – Can be accessed annually and includes access for all dependents covered under the family plan.

EXAP – Initial session included. Additional sessions available at preferred rates.

Can I go back to the clinic after having the Annual Health Assessment?

While all 3 clinics provide virtual care access for the entire family, MedCan and The Cleveland Clinic provide access in-person on an ongoing basis. MedCan provides the entire family with in-person access, while The Cleveland Clinic offers in-person access to members who have completed their Annual Health Assessment.

If I am enrolled for single coverage are there benefits extended to my dependents?

Yes. There are several benefits that are extended to eligible dependents at no additional cost:
- CT/MRI, Expert Medical Opinion, and other Teledoc services
- Virtual Year Round Medical Care (in-person at Medcan)
- PHZIO unlimited virtual therapy