When a health concern or possible issue arises, the Second Pillar of BYOND steps in to pick up where the Assessment Clinics might look to transition out of the picture, leaving clients back in the public system.

Built around a suite of services offered to BYOND members, this next bundle of tools provides members with the clarity, confidence, and answers they need to address any health concern. Whether you need a test expedited, or have questions about a diagnosis, treatment plan, or other health concern, there is a wealth of support in this comprehensive program.

Elite Diagnostic access and medical advice when you need it most.

Get a CT or MRI within days, not weeks or months. Access world-renowned medical experts who can provide a wide range of services to help you and your treating physician make the best possible decision for your health.

Available for Byond member and eligible dependents.

BYOND Diagnostic provides a range of services to help you:

Elite Diagnostic Imaging Service

Receive an MRI or CT scan within a matter of days of your doctor’s appointment so you can move forward with treatment and care sooner (most locations in Canada).

Additional Services and Tools from Teladoc

Expert Medical Opinion

Review of an existing diagnosis and treatment from a world-renowned expert to confirm them or recommend a change. Get peace of mind to proceed with confidence, leveraging 50,000 leading specialists in 450 different specialties.

Find a Doctor

Provides a list of local in-person experts who meet your specific medical needs.

International Care Finder

Help locate specialists or facilities outside of Canada for your treatment/condition needs.

Personal Health Navigator

Get a variety of information that’s condition-specific from a registered healthcare professional including articles, and community resources that can assist your medical needs.