This pillar (optional) provides personalized wellness and proactive tools to reduce risk factors and detect and treat possible concerns at the earliest stages. Select from the top private clinics in Canada, and schedule your Annual Assessment with their Concierge Support Team. Receive Year-Round Virtual Medical Care, and other unique benefits from the clinic of your choice. In addition to the Annual Assessment, your BYOND membership includes a unique suite of healthcare solutions.

What's Included

Full List of Eligible Clinics

Cleveland Clinic (Toronto)
Medcan Clinic (Toronto)
Medcan Clinic (Oakville)
Medcan Network Clinic: Exec Health (Ottawa)
Medcan Network Clinic: Westmount Square Health Group (Westmount)
Medcan Network Clinic: Signature Health (Halifax)
Medcan Network Clinic: INLIV (Calgary)
Medcan Network Clinic: Enhance Medical (Edmonton)
Medcan Network Clinic: Clearpoint Health Network (Vancouver)
TELUS Clinic (Toronto)
TELUS Clinic (Montreal)
TELUS Clinic (Quebec City)
TELUS Clinic (St. John’s, NL)
TELUS Clinic (Calgary)
TELUS Clinic (Edmonton)
TELUS Clinic (Vancouver)
TELUS Clinic (Thompson)

Byond Wellness Bundle

Take Control of your Health with these Innovative Solutions.

There are new health screening tools and resources available, and launching every day. As part of your BYOND membership, you have access to a curated list of tools that have been identified as best in class, innovative solutions. Whether it is DNA-based health screening tools that help you determine what foods or vitamins to target, or what medication is genetically more likely to align with your system, BYOND members receive access to a these unique offerings at no additional cost.

PHZIO - Unlimited Virtual Therapy for Members & Families

Unlimited Virtual Therapy from PHZIO: The MSK360 program from PHZIO offers unlimited consultations for members and their families. This unique program offers unlimited pain consultations, ergonomic assessments, conditioning plans, and virtual yearly physical assessments with Athletic Therapists. Members can share access with up to 6 family members, including senior parents!

gutChek - Food Sensitivity Test

Take advantage of cutting-edge technology that identifies the specific foods and vitamins that will improve your digestion and overall health. Food intolerance occurs when you are unable to properly digest, absorb, or break down certain foods, causing an upset or irritated digestive system, or other effects on your body. By providing a hair sample, you will receive a comprehensive food sensitivity report, along with a consult with a specialist to help understand and create a plan of action.


Click here to learn how this revolutionary test uncovers your food intolerances, nutritional deficiencies and toxins, and sets out a plan to help you enhance your digestive health, immune system, energy and mood.

rxFood - AI Based Dietary Diagnostic Assessment

Gain a better understanding of your nutrition footprint and how the food you eat is affecting your health.

With this first-ever AI-based platform, you take photos of the food you eat for 3 days and receive results similar to any other diagnostic test, but now available for your diet.  For the first time ever, you will be able to see exactly how your diet aligns with medical guidelines, with the insight of a medical professional. Your results will be presented to you 24-48 hours after completion, along with the opportunity to review with a Health Care Professional from the RxFood Medical Team. Click here to learn more

pillCheck - Pharmacogenetic Test

Everybody responds to medications differently. A medication that works for others simply may not work for you, or it may cause negative side effects.
Pillcheck provides insights about how your body is likely to respond to medications based on your unique genetics. Knowing this information can help your healthcare team to develop individualized treatment plans, and you get on the road to recovery faster!


Pillcheck covers most common prescription drugs – see if it is a fit for you here. Note: one test per lifetime.

EXAP - The World's 1st Executive Assistance Program (EAP)

Senior executives and other successful individuals have always worked tirelessly and rigorously to achieve their level of responsibility. However, times have changed. It can be lonely at the top, and there are times when senior executives experience serious emotional difficulties that can impact them in the workplace and/or in their family life. The level of support and experience required to support the successful executive requires experienced executive coaches/professional therapists, with access that is convenient and confidential. The Executive Assistance Program (EXAP) is a natural evolution of an EAP and provides a level of access to private support that has not been available before. The EXAP has only highly experienced executive coaches/professional therapists that have immediate credibility with senior executives. There is no one better than Dr. Warren Shepell, father of EAP in Canada, who built a successful company and EAP business over 25 years, and the leader in organizational and managerial psychology to head up this offering. Byond members receive personal access to Dr. Shepell, or one of his hand-selected colleagues, for an initial assessment and to help build a plan to address their unique needs. Contact your Byond advisor to schedule your own introductory session.

TAMVOES - CANDOO Health Management Platform

CANDOO, powered by TAMVOES, is a cancer and chronic illness management tool that is centered around our five pillars of health: My Journal, My Health Profile, My Data Trust, My Team, and My Cancer Coach, which is designed to allow people to take control of their health information and share it seamlessly. CANDOO is designed to support individuals through different stages of their health journey including pre-diagnosis, post-diagnosis. In addition, the CANDOO platform can be used to manage the health of dependents, including children and parents, making it safe and easy to share medical information for seamless collaboration. CANDOO has integrated resources tailored specifically to help cancer patients through treatment and recovery, with over 1000 hours of professional resources and a consultation with a nurse to help set up their personal integrated health profile.