This unique protection offers access to the finest private medical facilities in the world. Up to $1,000,000 per year, after a $5k deductible. Global Medical Care provides:

  • Immediate access to the best medical care (leading hospitals, cutting edge treatments and drugs, and top physicians) anywhere in the world.

  • Budget for Travel Expenses when receiving medical treatment more than 320 km from home, to pay for transportation to and from point of service and accommodations while receiving treatment.

  • $500,000 maximum for members over age 70

Covered expenses

Includes 100% coverage for these services and others:

Claims Examples

Case 1 - Benign Brain Tumor

A spouse of an oil and gas executive was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her Expert Medical Assessment stated that, because of where the tumor was situated on the brain, she would be an ideal candidate for a procedure called gamma knife surgery. At that time, the only doctor in Canada with the expertise to perform this procedure had a one year waiting list. Traditional brain surgery would have involved an open skill procedure, and should would have to stay in intensive care for five days in a medically induced coma. She chose to go to UCLA and have the gamma knife surgery performed by a world-renowned neurologist. The gamma knife surgery was non-invasive, and she was home 15 days later. The only follow up appointments were a CT scan after 30 days, and an MRI after 90 days, which were done back at home in Canada.

The total cost of this claim was $310,000 (USD).

Case 2 - Stem Cell Transplant

This case involves a client diagnosed with lung cancer. He had symptoms of facial paralysis (Bell’s Palsy), and facial and neck x-rays showed cancer in his lungs. His Canadian doctor told him that there was nothing he could do for him, and suggested that he go to Mayo Clinic for a stem cell transplant. Once he
notified Teladoc, he had an appointment at the Mayo Clinic that same week and started treatment shortly after. Following this treatment, his prognosis was significantly improved. The benefit was capped at $500,000 (CAD) because the client was over 70 years old; the total cost of this claim was $400,000 (USD).

Case 3 - Knee Surgery

This case involves a client who injured his knee out playing squash. He saw his doctor, and was booked for a MRI five weeks later. He called Teladoc, and had a MRI at a private Canadian clinic two days later. The following week, he was booked for arthroscopic knee surgery at the Cambie Surgery Centre in Vancouver, BC. He had his MRI and surgery completed within two weeks of contacting Teladoc. The average wait time for this surgery in the Canadian healthcare system would have been 35 weeks.


The cost of this claim was $18,000 (CAD), but the time saved even more significant.

Sample Claims Costs

$474,000 USD
Chemotherapy with acute leukemia as secondary diagnosis
$534,000 USD
Cardiac valve & other major cardiothoracic procedures
$705,000 USD
Craniotomy (non-trauma related)
$635,000 USD
Rectal resection with complications
$237,000 USD
Total mastectomy for malignancy with complications
$138,000 USD
Prostatectomy with complications
$166,000 USD
Lymphoma & leukemia with major operating room procedures
$244,000 USD
Major joint & limb reattachment procedures of lower extremity
$308,000 USD
Pancreas, liver & shunt procedures with complications
$407,000 USD


Most travel insurance plans will void coverage if someone is travelling for medical reasons. It is also common for travel insurance to have restrictive exclusions for pre-existing conditions, along with many other limitations. To help minimize these exposures, BYOND members receive one of the most comprehensive travel insurance benefits available. This program has been tailored for Executives, and includes:

  • 24/7/365 emergency travel assistance

  • $5,000,000 emergency medical coverage

  • 90-day trip limit, replenishes each time after returning to Canada

  • Enhanced pre-existing condition coverage

  • Terrorism coverage