Below are the various elements included in your Byond Membership along with information and links/instructions on how to access them.

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Health Assessment

Year Round Care

Diagnostic & Private Care

To Access the Diagnostic and Private Care elements of the program:

Private Care - Up to $1 Million of Private insurance
Claims require a pre-certification to allow the insurance company to confirm eligibility and to assist with next steps. Once you contact Best Doctors Insurance Canada, they will help coordinate direct billing and gather medical information from service providers so that members do not pay out of pocket or spend time trying to obtain medical records and information. Claims are subject to $5K deductible. Travel budget up to $5K available. Maximum $500K per year for members over age 70.

For additional information and complete policy details, CLICK HERE.
For assistance initiating a claim contact your advisor or email
CT/MRI & Teladoc Medical Experts Program
To initiate a CT/MRI or contact Teladoc Medical Experts call 1-877-419-2378. If you are requesting a CT/MRI please provide the last name on the policy as well as referencing Best Doctors Canada Insurance.

To learn more about these services CLICK HERE.
Orion Travel Insurance
ORION Executive Travel Protection takes care of travelers and their loved ones in the event of an unexpected medical emergency while travelling, with enhanced coverages compared to traditional group travel coverage.

CLICK HERE to access the Orion Travel Booklet.

CLICK HERE to access the Byond Orion Welcome Letter.

CLICK HERE for 24/7 assistance contact numbers in the case of a claim.

Byond Wellness Bundle

To Access the Byond Wellness Bundle, click on the element of interest below for instructions or link to initiate the service.

Phzio - Unlimited Virtual Physical Therapy
Unlimited Virtual Therapy from PHZIO: The MSK360 program from PHZIO offers unlimited consultations for members and their families. This unique program offers unlimited pain consultations, ergonomic assessments, conditioning plans, and virtual yearly physical assessments with Athletic Therapists. Members can share access with up to 6 family members, including senior parents!

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gutChek - Food Sensitivity Test
Take advantage of cutting-edge technology that identifies the specific foods and vitamins that will improve your digestion and overall health. Food intolerance occurs when you are unable to properly digest, absorb, or break down certain foods, causing an upset or irritated digestive system, or other effects on your body. By providing a hair sample, you will receive a comprehensive food sensitivity report, along with a consult with a specialist to help understand and create a plan of action.

To initiate your gutChek test, CLICK HERE.
pillCheck - Pharmacogenetic Test
Pillcheck provides insights about how your body is likely to respond to medications based on your unique genetics. Knowing this information can help your healthcare team to develop individualized treatment plans, and you get on the road to recovery faster! Pillcheck covers most common prescription drugs – see if it is a fit for you here. Note: one test per lifetime.

To initiate a test CLICK HERE.
rxFood from inner Analytics
Use AI to assess your daily eating habits. Simply use pictures, voice, or text to accurately enter the food you eat. RxFood makes it seamless for anyone to input what they eat, so the AI-driven assessment can provide an evidence-based, baseline medical assessment. Using advanced analytics, RxFood provides details not only on quantitative information, but also on diet quality related to a specific diagnosis or pre-diagnosis to drive meaningful and personalized change.

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CANDOO - Chronic Illness Management Tool
CANDOO, powered by TAMVOES, is a cancer and chronic illness management tool. CANDOO has integrated resources tailored specifically to help cancer patients through treatment and recovery, with over 1000 hours of professional resources and a consultation with a nurse to help set up their personal integrated health profile.

To access this tool, CLICK HERE.
EXAP - Executive Assistance Program (EAP)

Senior level support and coaching for professional and personal challenges that uniquely impact executives. Access industry leader Dr. Warren Shepell and his group of managerial psychologists, executive coaches and therapists.

To book initial session included in the Wellness Bundle, CLICK HERE .